What the fuck is wrong with me?

Most people fuck around so they feel something. I fuck around precisely so that I don’t feel anything.

I really need to drop those fuck boys. Cause if this continues, I’m seriously just going to numb myself to death.

Dear Period God..

Thank you, for listening to my prayer.

Your timing this month is immaculate. 3 dudes in a weekend was more than enough for me. Now I can go back into peacefully hybernating for a month 🙂

Thank you.

Dear Period God

This week is your week so can you please please please come on time so I can have sex next weekend?

PS: I’m not against period sex. But you know, I have preference.

Another milestone reached

When you hear (and see) that your ex fiancee is now in a seem to be serious relationship with his ex colleague (whom you know and actually invited to the wedding).

While you’re.. You know.. Pretty much still fucking around 😂

Oh the irony. 

I seriously with them all the best. But can someone cuddle me now? 


48 hr in Berlin = 48 hr of trouble

#fuckboys #drugs #berghain #alcohol #sex #techno #funfunfun


Dear Facebook..

I think you have enough data on me to be able to figure out who of the people I have unfriended are my ex.

So stop it with all these blast from the past ‘today 5 years ago’ photos with people I don’t wanna see again 😑😑😑

Triple H

Hangover, hungry and horny.

Any fuck boy is in for a treat if they get to see me on that state 😂