God Bless Tinder Plus’ Passport Feature

4 countries and already 6 lined up Tinder meet ups (+ past hook ups that I quite possibly will meet again).

….. and I haven’t even left my country!

Oh this is either going to be one hella interesting (or mentally confusing) 4 weeks…


That escalated quickly!

From a random intercontinental Tinder match that led to me cumming during a blow bang fantasy filled phone sex with the dude. All within one hour.

And here I thought I’ve experienced everything that Tinder has to offer. Well, tonight you won, Tinder!

Well done! 👏👏👏


I’m bored.

Therefore I swipe.

Me on a date?

A cross between the obnoxiously intelligent and alcoholic one.

Great catch, right? 😉

I don’t want a fuck buddy

All I need (especially on hangover days like this) is a solid cuddle buddy.


As I find myself chatting mindlessly away with another Tinder match out of boredom.

It dawns on me… I don’t even remember this dude’s name.

This fatigueness is real! 😓

Dear Mr. Dick Pic

FUCK. ME. (figuratively and literally please)

I think I’ve officially met my (sexual) match.

Now would you be me intercontinental fuck buddy?