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Dear Mr. Bearded Banker

Don’t fall for me just yet.

You haven’t seen the crazy side of me. And when you do, I don’t think you’ll be able to handle it 😉

Another milestone reached

When you hear (and see) that your ex fiancee is now in a seem to be serious relationship with his ex colleague (whom you know and actually invited to the wedding).

While you’re.. You know.. Pretty much still fucking around 😂

Oh the irony. 

I seriously with them all the best. But can someone cuddle me now? 

Dear Facebook..

I think you have enough data on me to be able to figure out who of the people I have unfriended are my ex.

So stop it with all these blast from the past ‘today 5 years ago’ photos with people I don’t wanna see again 😑😑😑

Dear X

As I lie in bed listening to this Black Mirror song while trying to fall asleep,

I can’t help but realize that no matter how hard I’ve tried to forget about how things went down between us, or how hard I tried to hate you for it, I really can’t deny that at one point in my life, I did love you. Very much.

I really hope you’re well.

The ultimate first date question should be..

“…and how are you crazy?” 

(Courtesy of the School of Life)

But the problem with that is, many people either don’t know how to define crazy in that context or they simply don’t know that they ARE crazy. So, here’s a better way to ask that question:

“If one day you are becoming a President, what skeleton will people be able to find that might get you in trouble?”

The answer may still depends on in which country you are about become President tho (cause yeah, infidelity in France? Who cares?), but generally this question is much easier to answer 😊

Now sit back, enjoy your drink, listen to their answer and decide for yourself if you’re ready to embrace their kind of craziness.

Serious question..

Why do guys seem to wanna fuck me but don’t seem to wanna make me their girlfriend?

Is there something wrong with single guys these days? Or in my effort to avoid a relationship (for now) have I been acting too much like a ho?

Dear Jet Lag

Please let me fall asleep again or I will start texting my ex out of boredom.