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Note to self

Sex is NOT always necessary.

A fun random night should be remembered as a fun random night and not a night that ended with sub par meh sex.

Think twice next time!

Dear Tinder dudes with only good first photo..

Seriously, just drop photo #2, #3 and #4.

Cause you’re chance of a right swipe went from “hmm.. maybe” on your first photo to “hell no!” just as I reached the second photo. 

And oh, don’t get me started on the remaining ones.

Ok Sir…

There must be something wrong with you when EVERY SINGLE ONE of your Instagram photos is a photo of your face.

Yes, I get it you are hot. But, this narcissism is a bit much.

God Bless Tinder Plus’ Passport Feature

4 countries and already 6 lined up Tinder meet ups (+ past hook ups that I quite possibly will meet again).

….. and I haven’t even left my country!

Oh this is either going to be one hella interesting (or mentally confusing) 4 weeks…


That escalated quickly!

From a random intercontinental Tinder match that led to me cumming during a blow bang fantasy filled phone sex with the dude. All within one hour.

And here I thought I’ve experienced everything that Tinder has to offer. Well, tonight you won, Tinder!

Well done! 👏👏👏


I’m bored.

Therefore I swipe.

Me on a date?

A cross between the obnoxiously intelligent and alcoholic one.

Great catch, right? 😉