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Dear X

As I lie in bed listening to this Black Mirror song while trying to fall asleep,

I can’t help but realize that no matter how hard I’ve tried to forget about how things went down between us, or how hard I tried to hate you for it, I really can’t deny that at one point in my life, I did love you. Very much.

I really hope you’re well.

The ultimate first date question should be..

“…and how are you crazy?” 

(Courtesy of the School of Life)

But the problem with that is, many people either don’t know how to define crazy in that context or they simply don’t know that they ARE crazy. So, here’s a better way to ask that question:

“If one day you are becoming a President, what skeleton will people be able to find that might get you in trouble?”

The answer may still depends on in which country you are about become President tho (cause yeah, infidelity in France? Who cares?), but generally this question is much easier to answer 😊

Now sit back, enjoy your drink, listen to their answer and decide for yourself if you’re ready to embrace their kind of craziness.


is being able to make such adult-like decisions on this trip such as:

  • Went out and party with my Tinder date but did NOT go home and sleep with him. Sometimes when you have a good night out, that’s all you need! There’s really no need for sex. 
  • Cancelling that stopover trip to meet the dude from last year. Let’s be real here, you know last year your feelings and judgment were clouded by the fact that  your mind was fucked up. So there is really no need to clear things up.
  • Not going back to Berghain in the same weekend. Yes, you have the whole week off and you could afford to fuck up your brain a bit more on drugs. But seriously, having an extra day to be normal and functioning is not the worst thing to have on your holiday 🙂
  • Turning off Tinder simply because you can’t be bothered. I am in cities where I have many amazing friends. Why should I spend my time with a stranger when I can spend my precious hours catching up with good friends?
  • Purposely not continue my birth control pill so I WILL get my period when I’m in Berlin. Why is this important? Cause I have two fuck boys there that I should NOT be having sex with. Though, a LOT of fun can still be had without intercourse 😉

So yeah, a pat on the back to myself 🙂

Serious question..

Why do guys seem to wanna fuck me but don’t seem to wanna make me their girlfriend?

Is there something wrong with single guys these days? Or in my effort to avoid a relationship (for now) have I been acting too much like a ho?

The thank you note to all the lovers of 2016


I realized that it’s been 7 years since the last thank you note.

As we just entered 2017 and leave behind the one hell of a year that is 2016, I think it’s only appropriate that we do a little thank you note to all the man involved** in my life last year.

ADW, aka THE ex, thanks for showing your true color. I seriously have no regret whatsoever on the decision to cancel our wedding. Was it tough? Hell yeah. Have I forgiven you? Probably not fully; but I’m for sure trying.

JY, aka the Neuroscientist, thanks for analyzing my head post break up. Emotional burnout was such a perfect term.

AA, aka the Director, thanks for being such a lovely rebound. I’m sorry about how it ended; but I just was not ready for a WE.

RM, aka the douche bag, thanks for reminding me that my head was definitely nowhere near ready for a one night stand; especially with someone like you.

BM, aka the dude with the girlfriend, thanks for… I don’t know yet. I have a feeling our story is not over yet.

HF, aka the end of year holiday Tinder match, thanks for your music and for the perfect end to 2016 🙂


**had sexual relationship with


What is up with married / in relationship man and me these days?!

I should probably start pretending that I am seeing someone so they know I am 100% off limits 😑😑😑

Got me crying every single time

Fuck you Black Mirror and all your crazy episodes!

In this world we’re just beginning
To understand the miracle of living
Baby I was afraid before
But I’m not afraid anymore