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Ok Sir…

There must be something wrong with you when EVERY SINGLE ONE of your Instagram photos is a photo of your face.

Yes, I get it you are hot. But, this narcissism is a bit much.

What kind of girls actually fall for this kind of pick up line?

“I used to live on a penthouse in London. But I moved out of it because it didn’t have a lift. I had to walk 55 stairs every single day.”

Seriously. WTF?!

3 new boxes ticked.

  • 17 years older (don’t worry mum & dad, still not as far as you guys)
  • Married
  • Two kids (last one had a kid only)

Oh, and Canadian!

(Make that the 4th box)

Creep of the Day

There aren’t enough drugs in Amsterdam to make you want to sleep with a homeless version of your grandfather.

Or are there…


Club Smokey, January 2009.

Creep of the Day

Nothing is creepier than having the ice cream man check you out.

“Wanna lick my cone, little girl?”  *two-finger wave*


Idaho, Summer 2004.