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It’s not that you didn’t see this coming…

You should have known better than to get involved with a divorced dad.

ESPECIALLY if you wrote it yourself in THE LIST!



Sometimes it takes just a date with one good genuine person to realize how badly you’ve been treated in the past months by the rebound dude whom you wanted so badly to be real.

Girl, so sorry to break this to you but you’re recovery ain’t over yet. Hang in there!

Note to self

When in doubt.. Stop swiping!

How did I not see this coming?

I thought everything is over and I am fine already.

But, NO. The DUDE is STILL a rebound.

FUCK. No wonder I fall so hard.


Words to live by

“Set no expectations and thou shall not be dissapointed”

– Life

“I wanted to give you the option”

Uhm, no.

I don’t need the option. Not now, not ever.


Note to self