is being able to make such adult-like decisions on this trip such as:

  • Went out and party with my Tinder date but did NOT go home and sleep with him. Sometimes when you have a good night out, that’s all you need! There’s really no need for sex. 
  • Cancelling that stopover trip to meet the dude from last year. Let’s be real here, you know last year your feelings and judgment were clouded by the fact that  your mind was fucked up. So there is really no need to clear things up.
  • Not going back to Berghain in the same weekend. Yes, you have the whole week off and you could afford to fuck up your brain a bit more on drugs. But seriously, having an extra day to be normal and functioning is not the worst thing to have on your holiday 🙂
  • Turning off Tinder simply because you can’t be bothered. I am in cities where I have many amazing friends. Why should I spend my time with a stranger when I can spend my precious hours catching up with good friends?
  • Purposely not continue my birth control pill so I WILL get my period when I’m in Berlin. Why is this important? Cause I have two fuck boys there that I should NOT be having sex with. Though, a LOT of fun can still be had without intercourse 😉

So yeah, a pat on the back to myself 🙂

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