The thank you note to all the lovers of 2016


I realized that it’s been 7 years since the last thank you note.

As we just entered 2017 and leave behind the one hell of a year that is 2016, I think it’s only appropriate that we do a little thank you note to all the man involved** in my life last year.

ADW, aka THE ex, thanks for showing your true color. I seriously have no regret whatsoever on the decision to cancel our wedding. Was it tough? Hell yeah. Have I forgiven you? Probably not fully; but I’m for sure trying.

JY, aka the Neuroscientist, thanks for analyzing my head post break up. Emotional burnout was such a perfect term.

AA, aka the Director, thanks for being such a lovely rebound. I’m sorry about how it ended; but I just was not ready for a WE.

RM, aka the douche bag, thanks for reminding me that my head was definitely nowhere near ready for a one night stand; especially with someone like you.

BM, aka the dude with the girlfriend, thanks for… I don’t know yet. I have a feeling our story is not over yet.

HF, aka the end of year holiday Tinder match, thanks for your music and for the perfect end to 2016 🙂


**had sexual relationship with

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