Let’s review last weekend’s drink and text casualties..

  1. Messaged the dude with the girlfriend that I slept with last weekend and frustratedly told him ‘Fuck You! You should have never asked me out for drinks and we should stop talking.’
  2. Messaged a friend who seem to have a crush on me but I am keeping him in the friend zone and told him about incident #1 (at least this may make my (lack of) intentions with him extra clear)
  3. Messaged the dude from way back then who has openly confessed his feelings towards me. But then I got enggaged, he stepped back. I broke up, he reached out again, I told him to chill cause I was traumatized. He stepped back again. This time I’m the one reaching out. Am I craving for his attention again? 

Hmm.. Definitely some WTFs here and there but all and all, nothing fatal 😛

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