It can get tricky..

.. this whole lover thing.

  1. When I have my period I feel useless cause I’m not fuckable. Sure I have other holes, but you get the point. Meeting for just a cuddle night seems too boyfriend & girlfriend like.
  2. If I have my period cramps, feeling moody and all I want is a hug I don’t even know if I can ask for that. Is that to needy to ask from your lover?
  3. And then when I did something that’s maybe a bit annoying and all he said in a sarcastic annoyed way was “Sure, it’s fine. We’re friends and I don’t want to tell you what to do”, I get annoyed and feel like I’m not important enough to him.

Argh.. Fuck this shit. I don’t want a relationship or any drama that comes with it. All I want is to have a good sex life with someone funny that I genuinely like to hangout with (having to swipe through Tinder is seriously a bloody waste of time). But then again it’s nice to have someone care about me more than just a fuck buddy as well (though, yes, it comes with the risk of getting too attached). Whatever. This is getting too complicated. I’m going to bed.



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