What is wrong with me today?

Threw away old wedding magazines and some leftover wedding invites earlier today. Stumbled upon an old polaroid of me and the ex, then I ended up looking at old photos of us for hours.

Now I found myself staying in on a Saturday night watching Eat Pray Love. Feeling sad but I don’t even have a glass of wine in my hand.

Seriously, WTF? Is my period coming soon or what?

eat pray

2 responses to “What is wrong with me today?

  1. weddings are overrated, don’t worry let’s find a way to make money out of our shit like the author of eat-pray-love

    • queef and dave

      Hahaha yeah! Besides truly wanting to share some life lessons to other soon to be brides who might be on their way of marrying the biggest regret of their life, making some money along the way ain’t a bad thing! 😉

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