This morning’s episode gave me flashback..

To that moment 5 weeks before the wedding when I came to my mom to say I had doubts and I wasn’t sure on what to do. And she said:

If you get married with doubts and you end up divorcing later I know you are tough and you will be OK. But if you want to cancel now, don’t worry about the money that I’ve spent, don’t worry about what people are going to say because I don’t care.

Then and there I knew I had the best mom ever. I needed to hear that she trust me to make my own decision and that she will support me no matter what.

That my friends is one of the most critical yet rarely talked about ingredients to survive a break up: Supportive parent(s).

And with that I’d like to dedicate this classic song to the toughest women I know in my life. I love you mom.

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