Note to self

I think the fourth stage aka depression has officially kicked in.

So please remember the following:

  • NEVER skip sports
  • Eat when it’s time to eat. No matter how (not) hungry you are
  • Sleep without eye mask and let the sun light naturally wakes you up early. You will need those extra hours in the morning before work to cry, listen to mellow songs, or simply just to feel sad and lay in bed a couple of hours longer
  • Block your morning calendar so people can only book meetings from 10am onwards
  • Have close friends from all time zones ready to be called at any time of the day
  • Avoid drama at all cost. ANY kind of drama
  • Bring headphones everywhere and get lost in the music when things are getting tough
  • Find time to visit dad’s grave
  • Pray. Give it a try. It’s practically another form of meditation

Most importantly, be kind to yourself.
Good luck.

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