Is it time for a rebound yet?

Before we start discussing how to rebound accordingly, let’s listen to THE BEST rebound song ever made from 2008. Titled, appropriately: Rebound. Written by the one and only Johsa from yours truly Queef and Dave.

Girls going through a break up, listen to this song! If you want to come out of this sane.. This is totally the mindset you want to be in during your rebound period 😉

She sit and wait and wishing,
For the phone to ring
She says: We’re perfect together.
He’s my everything

I picked out the dress
And it makes me want to curl
Cause let me tell you something baby
I’m not that girl


I’m just looking for a good time
And I think it’s in your sheets
She likes to cuddle
I just want some heat

She wants Mr. Right
I want Mr. Right Now
Now that we’re standing on even ground
Do you wanna be my rebound?

Call me baby, honey
Call me sweety
Oh please you can call me
If you’re gonna get down on your knees

He asked: “What do you want for breakfast?”
I said:” I want you to leave”
Poor you’re sadly mistaken
There’s no heart on my sleeve

She spends her time debating
Diamonds or pearls?
But let me tell you something darling
I’m not that girl

[back to chorus]

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