checklist with a ticked box and a pen

Over the years THE LIST has managed to save many girls out there from a heart break and potentially disastrous relationships.

But as the stupid guys epidemic continues to spread and time goes by (hell Tinder wasn’t even around when the OG List was first created), it is time for the list to be updated!

So scrape that old one and bring this one instead to your first date. Ask him all the questions. And remember the rule: If he answers yes in ANY of these questions (even just one!).. Pay for the drinks and WALK AWAY.

No, seriously: WALK THE HELL AWAY!

You’ll thank us later.

And with that we present to you THE LIST 2.0:

  1. Do you have a girlfriend?
  2. Are you seeing someone?
  3. Are you married?
  4. Do you have any kids?
  5. Are you gay?
  6. Do you rollerblade? (if yes, it means he is gay!)
  7. Are you 35 or younger?
  8. Are you planning on leaving the country soon? (As in less than 6 months)
  9. Are you a Cancer? (horoscope that is; not the sickness)
  10. Are you currently unemployed and/or in between jobs?
  11. Have you ever quit a job in less than 3 months from starting?
  12. Do you have good relationship with your parents? (Ok this one is the opposite. If it’s a yes then it’s ok)
  13. Do you hate animals?
  14. Do you have an addiction?
  15. Do you want to know how many lovers I have had?



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