The case of the revolving door

Five reasons why you shouldn’t bring a guy to your place, and should instead stay chez lui even if you end up taking the walk of shame.

5. Bathroom blues.  He will probably leave the toilet seat up, or might end up missing and leaving shit/piss in places undesirable.  Your bathroom is pretty and only you and your beloved roommate(s) should have the privilege of using it.

4. Late night partying and munchies.  He may decide to bring over some pals to tag along who will subsequently trash your place and eat your food.  As much as you want to be the hostess with the mostest, save on clean-up time and leave the mess at his place instead.

3. Potential judgment.  If not your roomies, then most likely your nosy neighbours may be keeping tabs on who comes and goes through the revolving entryway that your front door has become.  Although ideally you shouldn’t need to give a rat’s ass about what anyone thinks, it’s also nice to maintain a good rep around the block.

2. The convenience of wham, bam, thank you ma’am.  Doing the dirty somewhere else other than your place means you can leave whenever you please, even right after the deed is done.  This way you can have a glorious, sprawled-out slumber, and wake up in your own bed without some smelly random next to you.

1. Psycho stalkers.  So you decide to bring home a “special” someone that you just met.  In the morning, you exchange numbers (up to you whether you give your actual number or not…), kick him out, and maybe hope to never see him again.  You think to yourself, “God I love one night stands.”  A day, maybe a week passes and you come home and SURPRISE! you see that guy you hooked up with lurking outside.  This happens periodically over the next few weeks, and although you confront him about it, it doesn’t stop.  Think this story is far-fetched?  It’s not.

Anonymous sex is fun for a reason.

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