Thank You

TB, thanks for teaching me how to become a selfish bitch. Just like yourself.

KDY, thanks for being the best fuck buddy ever. Please say hi to your daughter.

CB, thanks for coming over. Was fun. But I still don’t like your jeans.

AS, thanks Mr. Spongebob. It was absurd enough.

DM, thanks for the dance. Just don’t expect too much from me. I’m a bitch, remember?

DC, thanks for stealing my whistle. Oh wait, it wasn’t even mine.

DG, thanks for the one night stand. Period.

BO, thanks for officially being the creepiest men I’ve known. God bless whoever you’re dating now.

RPK, thanks for the death of Michael Jackson, your Polish friends and their weed, and for being with me, now. 🙂

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