Now that the holiday is over

Tinder, I’m sorry, but you are going to be uninstalled again.

Thanks for the entertainment during the break but now I no longer have time to mindlessly swipe and chat anymore.

Thanks. It was fun.

Until the next boredom session.

How I feel about the World Cup

Thanks for keeping me occupied these days. For sure you’re making me stay away from random fuck boys and drunk texting he who shall not be texted.


My kind of erotic film?

Easy S01E04

Dear Mr. Divorced Dad

And just like that…

One photo is all it took for you to melt me again.


Seriously?! Now filmmaker is in your bio?!

Dear ‘Safe Zone’ BFF..

I’m contemplating whether or not rubbing ourself against each other after jumping into the pool at 4am in our under wear is somewhat entering non safe zone territory already.

But then again, we were drunk. So whatevs.

Ok wow..

Depression or not, that rejection hit me pretty hard.

Girl, remember… It’s not you. He is just fucked up.