You know you’re borderline depressed

When you desperately need to:



And do Bikram yoga

… all in one day.

“You’re a one-women orgy party”

Hehe. How nice.

Yet another masterpiece of a song

But the loneliness never left me
I always took it with me
But I can put it down in the pleasure of your company
And there will be no grand choirs to sing
No chorus will come in
No ballad will be written
It will be entirely forgotten
And if tomorrow it’s all over
At least we had it for a moment
Oh darling things seem so unstable
But for a moment we were able to be still


  1. NEVER forget to ask THE LIST on your first date ever again. Or else you will always end up in such complicated situations like the one you are in now. The first two questions alone would do.
  2. Just because a break up happened while you were around does not necessarily mean you’re the cause. Stop feeling guilty.
  3. Can we toast to the fact that you now have EMPATHY?! It’s no longer only about you first. It sucks I know, but it’s the right thing.
  4. This song is actually more relevant now than then. Thank you music god.

“Im aroused by your craziness”

Well, that’s kind of a first. Sweet.


I’ve won. But yes, it still burns.

Someday you’ll grow up and then you’ll forget
All of the pain you endured
Until you walk by, a sad pair of eyes
And up will come back all the hurt
And you’ll see their pain as they look away
And you want to help, but there’s just no way
Cause you won the war so it’s not your turn 
But everything inside still burns

Probably one of the most romantic things someone can say to me

“You’re weird AF. And every tiny bit of it is wonderful.”