Just like with everything in life… It’s all about timing.

Dear Herpes…

Sometimes I like to ask myself..

Seriously, WTF are you doing?!

A reminder that there’s still a lot to be grateful of in this little imperfect life of mine

The 4 life lessons to remember from a series of My Best Friends Wedding

  1. Weddings are fun. No need to feel anxious about them again. And one day when I get married of course I won’t miss the chance to throw one damn good party for my friends.
  2. I don’t need new friends. I absolutely LOVE every single one that I have. Better spend my time investing in spending more quality times with them.
  3. Never stop YOLO-ing.
  4. Shrooms is still (emotionally) better than acid.

Last night

Was it a relapse?

Was it a mistake?

Was it a reminder of what could have been?

Was it just a one time thing that shall never be repeated?

Either way, it made me happy.

The Meeting

Not sure if I’m excited or anxious about it.

Probably both.