The 4 life lessons to remember from a series of My Best Friends Wedding

  1. Weddings are fun. No need to feel anxious about them again. And one day when I get married of course I won’t miss the chance to throw one damn good party for my friends.
  2. I don’t need new friends. I absolutely LOVE every single one that I have. Better spend my time investing in spending more quality times with them.
  3. Never stop YOLO-ing.
  4. Shrooms is still (emotionally) better than acid.

Last night

Was it a relapse?

Was it a mistake?

Was it a reminder of what could have been?

Was it just a one time thing that shall never be repeated?

Either way, it made me happy.

The Meeting

Not sure if I’m excited or anxious about it.

Probably both.

1.5 year later…

Let’s see what happens this time.

Second time’s a charm?

Well, that was a useful Bumble date..

Because I got a cleaning lady out of it! Ha! 😆

Another note to self

No more chat past midnight. You need to sleep!

Note to self

Just delete those apps again.

Seriously, it didn’t take long for you to be done with them again. You’ve made some pretty decent new friends. That’s good enough.