“Shed thyself of any entitlement”

.. is what I keep on telling myself.

It’s not all about ME ME ME.




Masturbating on the plane on economy is almost impossible. No matter how hangover and horny you are.

It will take some mad ninja skills to pull that off.

Stick business class ladies 😉

PhD of Contemporary Friend Zone Science

…would be my titke; if such title exist in this world 🙃

Girl, you were not crazy.

You simply had your FUCKING PMS!

Gahhh!! OMG. I should haven’t known!!!

You can’t fight the blue ticks from hell

When they are blue and there’s no response, you feel like dying.

When they are grey and there’s no response, you also feel like dying.

You can NEVER win.


Just stop sending messages. Trust me, it’s for your own mental health.

Rebound Vacancy Requirements

Why I need one? Read previous post.

Now for those planning on applying. Please read the following requirements first:


Minimum qualifications:

  • 4 years experience in the dom industry
  • Strong proven track record of multiple squirting pussies over the course of 4 hours
  • Size in the 80th percentile
  • Bachelor in orgasm science
  • Drug friendly

Preferred qualifications:

  • Interest in bondage appreciated
  • Introverts preferred

I’m broken hearted and horny*

So whoever gets to fuck me next is one lucky bastard.

And with this, the open call for those wanting to become my rebound is officially open.

*From 8 weeks of no sex. FUCKKKKKK. What a fool I was to wait this long for that dude.